How to wax a curb the Skateboarder wayTo skate a curb or rail, you need to wax it first. You can use almost any wax to achieve this although, we recommend you use specially made skate wax (usually available at any good skate store).

Waxing a curb is a simple process, start by rubbing the wax on to the top and sides of curb you want to grind or slide, try to rub it in as hard as you can, filling in any holes or cracks. Continue rubbing the wax on until the wax begins to form lumps on the surface (otherwise known as caking).

Once you’ve rubbed it on, it’s time to wear down the surface. To do this simply skate the curb over and over until you’ve worn it down, it won’t be much to skate at first but just keep skating it until it becomes good.

Once the curb has been worn down double check to see if it needs any more wax and you’re ready to go.

Continue to top up the wax every now and again to keep it smooth and grind-able.

Remember when you’re waxing a curb to make sure it’s not dangerous for non-skateboarders, also remember that waxing a curb can be considered vandalism by police and property owners so be careful!